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LLWebMail Advantages over Traditional E-mail

   LLWebMail is a web-based email service designed to meet the needs of librarians and staff. It has many advantages over traditional E-mail systems.

Traditional E-mail

   With a traditional E-mail service for a library, E-mail is moved physically from the internet, to an E-mail server, to the user's computer.
   The on-site E-mail server requires maintenance by experienced technicians.
   It requires that the user has a computer of their own to store their E-mail.
   The user must maintain and organize their own E-mail software, and take their own measures to assure their E-mail will be kept private.

   LLWebMail is kept on an internet-connected server that can be accessed from any internet-connected computer with a web browser.
   The user accesses the LLWebMail service with an encrypted password, and can read, organize and delete their mail with a simple web interface.

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