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Service Descriptions
Click on the links or icons below to find out more about the individual services that make up the LLWebWare collection.
LibraryDoor - PowerTrakker - UPS Power ManagementPowerTrakker is a Managed UPS Service offered for all LibraryLine appliance based services that provides clean, reliable power to the appliance to minimize downtime and damage due to power surges, brownouts, and blackouts.
LibraryDoor - NetworkTrakker - Network MonitoringNetworkTrakker is a comprehensive network monitoring system that keeps historical data of your network's performance and alerts you when there are problems with devices on your network.
WirelessTrakker - Wireless Network ManagementWirelessTrakker (standalone appliance) for Ubiquiti controller software and APs – Our E-Rate-eligible* standalone device hosts the controller software for Ubiquiti’s popular UniFi access points and provides the missing elements needed for a complete multi-SSID solution. Features include inter-VLAN routing, DHCP for each VLAN, DNS for VLANs, multicast DNS (Bonjour), RADIUS for enterprise authentication, and VLAN firewalls.
WirelessTrakker (standalone appliance) for non-Ubiquiti APs – Our E-Rate-eligible* standalone device supports a wide variety of wireless systems, providing the missing elements needed for a complete multi-SSID solution. It includes inter-VLAN routing, DHCP for each VLAN, DNS for VLANs, multicast DNS (Bonjour), RADIUS for enterprise authentication, and VLAN firewalls.
MessageGuard - Secure, Reliable E-Mail ArchivingMessageGuard is a complete and affordable email archiving solution, enabling you to maintain all of your organization’s emails in order meet your regulatory compliance needs.
AccessTrakker is our easy to use, highly portable, two-step verification device that stops intruders, prying eyes, and unauthorized users in their tracks.
TrakMail - Filtered and Monitored E-mailTrakMail gives users individual E-mail accounts that can be monitored and content filtered, and provides a way for Libraries to create an environment for employees to send and receive email without having to worry about service misuse.
LibraryDoor - Content Filtering, Blocking and Network ManagementLibraryDoor provides the solution to protecting minors by allowing schools and libraries to easily and reliably control Internet access. It is an easy to install device with simple web-based controls that works around the clock to secure your entire network.
TroubleTrakkerPRO - Fixing technology problems in a flash!TroubleTrakkerPRO establishes communications systems that track the reporting and repair of technology problems from start to finish, including time spent working, location of assets, and use of materials.
WebMailPRO - Simple and Practical Internet E-mailWebMailPRO gives staff and administrators E-mail accounts that are simple and practical to set up, maintain and use.
WorkTrakkerPRO - Fixing maintenance problems in a flash!WorkTrakkerPRO organizes, documents and schedules maintenance for your entire organization - from expensive critical systems to the least important wingnut.
AssetTrakker - Keeping your items organizedAssetTrakker lets you document all your equipment and materials, their locations, usage, service contracts, warranties, and other information you need to have at your fingertips at a moment's notice.

This service works together with TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO to generate work orders and track expenses and maintenance histories of your equipment.
SpamTrakker - Spam Filtering and BlockingSpamTrakker allows you to easily and reliably filter incoming e-mail. It is an easy to install device that works around the clock to deliver the mail you want, and eliminate the mail you don't want. We configure the SpamTrakker appliance for you, so all you need to do is plug it in. SpamTrakker comes with free & unlimited technical support, free software updates and warranty replacement for the lifetime of your subscription.
About LLWebWare
LLWebWare is a collection of web-based services that we create and maintain for libraries. The basic idea behind LLWebWare is to provide a set of communications tools that people can use wherever there is a web browser with an internet connection. The idea has turned out to be quite successful! There are a few simple reasons why:
•   No Installation Necessary! You don't have to buy a program, figure out how to install it, and then having to worry about upgrading it to the latest version (at considerable cost) every few months. When we add new features to LLWebWare, they are available to you immediately!
•   Available Anywhere! LLWebWare works on any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. Compare this to a program you have to purchase, and then are only allowed to install and use on one computer! Have you ever read the EULAs that come with programs like that?
•   Inexpensive! Compare the cost of providing our web services to all your students and staff with other services that require purchase of complex central server software, powerful servers to run it, expensive trained personnel to maintain the software, and the cost of purchase and installation of client applications for every computer on your network. Such an expensive system won't even be accessible outside your network like ours is!
•   No compatibility problems! Suppose you want to take data created on a PC, then use the same data on a Macintosh or Linux machine? You'll need three different versions of the same program, if the program vendor even makes separate versions! LLWebWare eliminates all compatibility problems by storing your data in a central database that delivers it to you in the universal language of the World Wide Web. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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