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NetworkTrakker (SecureSchool Add-On)

Avoid network problems and system downtime with our vigilant network-monitoring tool

As demands on your network grow, trying to monitor every little (and big) blip can be exasperating. So much can go wrong—from a sluggish network to an overloaded server—and you may not even know there’s a problem until someone grabs you in the hallway. Or worse, a system crashes.

Avoid surprises with NetworkTrakker. Our network-monitoring system gives you real-time information on your network’s activity and alerts you when—and often before—problems occur. A popular SecureSchool add-on, it can be activated in seconds and needs no additional hardware.

Here’s more of what NetworkTrakker can do:

Keeps tabs on your drive capacity
Someone uploads a huge file, hogs up your server, and disrupts the entire network. That won’t happen with NetworkTrakker—just configure it to warn you when the drive is nearly full.

Logs a history of events for each host and server it monitors
A godsend when troubleshooting and fixing those annoying, obscure, and repetitive network problems.

Graphs statistics of devices on your network

  • Most useful for network interfaces on servers, routers, and switches. If a remote building is experiencing slow network access—but another remote network is fine—check the graph statistics to see which WAN link is using all the available bandwidth. Then check the switches and switch ports to determine which workstation is causing the problem.
  • Gather historic and current data to determine future bandwidth needs and plan a budget for necessary upgrades.
  • Customize graphs to your needs. For example, create a graph that shows inbound bandwidth for your Internet router, plus the inbound bandwidth from each remote location router. This will reveal who’s gobbling up bandwidth. Network graphs can be generated from most devices that support SNMP.

Ping check
Any device can be polled for ping and packet loss, basic TCP connections, and protocol tests, like POP3, SMTP, HTTP, and FTP.

Superb monitoring and troubleshooting

  • NetworkTrakker can monitor any SNMP device, including Windows, Linux, and Unix servers; Cisco switches; routers; and printers. It inspects individual service states, disk use, CPU load, RAM use, sap/paging files use, and more.
  • Monitors APC or other-brand uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) equipped with SNMP facilities. Uses SNMP management cards to detect voltage and load conditions, along with the state (battery, smart boost, etc.) of the UPS.

NetworkTrakker runs on your SecureSchool equipment, so you need no new hardware. Want to give it a free, 30-day test drive? Email us now or call 877-225-0100, and we’ll fire up your network-monitoring tool immediately.

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