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WebMailPRO - Simple and Practical Internet E-mail WebMailPRO was designed to provide library staff members with a powerful, easy-to-use, portable and fully-featured E-mail system. It is web-based and requires no installation on your servers or workstations, just a computer with a web browser and an internet connection.
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    "We had a major server/workstation theft from our District last week and we lost nearly every document and file in our system. The "thieves" broke into a room with a steel door, steel door frame, in a brick and concrete building to get the equipment. Any building can be broken into, regardless of physical security [but] at least they didn't get our [WebMailPRO] e-mail! (I gotta look on bright side of something)."
    Randall Nielsen, Network Administrator
    Toldeo Public Schools Toledo, Washington

    No account storage limits

    Web-Based HTML E-Mail

    Customizable SPAM filter, including weighted word and phrase filtering - You can manage your own SPAM filter settings, including the options to block/unblock specific e-mail domains, as well as, blocking and directing mail to junk mail folder options. Customizable content filter can also be used to help in the reducing the amount or SPAM messages that is being delivered to your users. Your users can even setup their own personal rules to direct messages that receive certain SPAM scores directly to their trashcan or custom mail folder.

    Global and /or Group File Extension Blocking - Disable access to specified file extensions. This option can be set globally or by user group.

    Enable/Disable Downloading of Executable Attachments - Disable access to executable attachments.

    Save Draft Feature - Save an email you are writing so you can work on it later.

    Virus Checking - We check each message twice for viruses; once at the time of delivery and again when the user goes to open the message. Our virus protection software is updated on a regular basis.

    Customizable Domain Name - You can use one of our domains, your own domain or we can register a new one for you.

    "Just a note to thank you for your support during the transition to the WebmailPro product. Our teachers are well pleased with WebMailPro. As you are aware, a number of our teachers have stopped forwarding their email elsewhere because they prefer to use the WebMailPRO product. The minor issues that we had were handled quickly and professionally. Thanks again and best regards. "
    Barry Zakes, System Specialist
    Ridgeland School District 122, Oak Lawn, IL


    POP3 & SMTP Access - For your users that want to use an outside mail client, such as Outlook, you can setup their account for POP3 access. These users can still access their web-based e-mail account for sending and receiving e-mail messages. We have also included an option to copy any message that is downloaded into a user's web-based based account back up to our POP servers so that the user can download into their outside mail client.

    Click here to find out the advantages/disadvantages of using POP3 over our WebMailPRO client.

    These Knowledge Base articles will guide you in the installation of our Root CA Certificate. These will be necessary to install to use POP3.

    POP3 & SMTP Certificate Installation - Windows Vista / Windows 7

    POP3 & SMTP Certificate Installation - Windows 2000 / Windows XP

    SSL Certificate Installation - Macintosh OS X and Mail

    WebMailPRO Setup for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

    WebMailPRO Setup for Android Devices

    WebMailPRO SMTP & POP3 Client Settings & Troubleshooting

    Teacher Web Pages - All of your users can have access to our teacher web page tools where they can create:
    • Home Pages
    • Blogs
    • Homework Posting
    • Lesson Planning
    • Calendar/Schedules
    • Bulletin Boards
    • File Downloads
    • Contact Page
    • Photo Gallery/Picture Album
    • Web Links/Internet Resources

    Customizable District Announcements - Create your own Announcement Groups to allow individual users and/or WebMailPRO user groups to create specific announcements for specified users or user groups.

    Mail Logs - You can enable mail logging to keep track of your district's incoming and outgoing e-mail messages. Mail logging includes search functions, such as: Display Sent Mail and/or Receive Mail, Search by User, Search by Date and search for key words in Subject line.

    Multiple Address Books with printer friendly options - including Personal address book, District-Wide address book, Building Address Book, Mini web-based address book available for POP3 users. Users can create their own address book groups in their Personal Address Book, while specified user groups can add address book groups to the District-Wide address book for everyone to access.

    Add E-Mail Addressees to Personal Address Book with Just One-Click - Users can automatically add a sender's e-mail address to their personal address book by clicking on one button that is located in each message. If a message was sent to multiple users, you will have the option to add all of those users to your personal address book.

    Customizable color coding system to highlight messages by SPAM score - Users can set their own colors to highlight messages that receive a certain SPAM score. This will help in separating the good mail from the bad, plus users can automatically select all messages of a certain color to move directly to their trash can or other specified mail folder.

    Personal Block List - Users can maintain their own personal block list.
    Customizable Mail Folders - All users can create their own mail folders in their WebMailPRO account.

    Personal Rule Wizard - Users can create their own personal rules to direct incoming messages to specified custom folders.

    Personal Inline Image Control

    Customizable column views in Inbox & E-Mail folders - Users can set their own column view preferences.

    Stationery (District Wide/Personal) - Users can create their own stationery templates. Click here for instructions on how to create your own stationery.

    Display Colors - You can set district-wide color options or allow each user to set their own preference.

    E-Mail Alias - You can setup to 5 aliases per staff account

    Auto-Reply/Vacation Messages - All users can setup their own personal auto-reply message.

    E-Mail Delivery Status Option - All users can check to see if an e-mail message (that was sent to someone else in the same domain) was received, read and/or deleted.

    E-Mail Search Options - All users have access to Search option so that they can easily locate e-mail messages in their account.

    E-Mail Address Shortcuts - E-Mail shortcuts can be used to send out e-mail addresses.

    Spell Check - Spell checking available to all users, including the option to turn on automatic spell checking. Users can also "add" their own words to their custom dictionary.

    Customizable E-Mail Signature - All users can create and maintain their own e-mail signature.

    Export Mail Folders Option - All users can export all of their e-mail to their computer in eml or html format.

    E-mail Forwarding - If this permission is turned on, users can forward their WebMailPRO e-mail onto an outside e-mail address.

    Mail Notification - Windows users can download our mail notification program to their computer to get sound and visual notification when new messages arrive in their mail box. Click here for download and usage instructions.

    File Storage (Personal & Shared) - You can store your files in a personal, easily-organized file storage area, and set up folders to share files with other service users.

    Option to set WebMailPRO as default mail program for mailto links - Compatibility with Web Browser Mail links option You can make changes to your computer to automatically use WebMailPRO as its default E-mail Internet program. Click here for more information.

    Personal Calendar - Keep track of appointments and other important dates

    Global Event Calendar - Set events and appointments that can be seen by your whole organization.

    Group Calendar - Set events and appointments that can be seen by your users in specific groups or buildings.

    Automatic Message Recovery - Never again lose a message due to Internet malfunctions or other lost connections.

    Viewable Message Headers - Users can you can track down where a e-mail came from by viewing its message header.

    Customizable User Access Levels - You can allow specified groups of users access to administrative and/or non-administrative features

    Bulk User Import - We can upload your users for you at no additional charge.

    Free Service Upgrades - Your account will be automatically updated to the latest version of WebMailPRO once a new feature is added.

    Free/Unlimited Technical Support provided to administrators and staff - We provide live person, free & unlimited technical support for the lifetime of your subscription. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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