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WirelessTrakker Universal Wireless Support (for Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points)

Arm SecureSchool with the power to manage your wireless network with this economical add-on

Are you as crazy about Ubiquiti as we are? Their controller software and enterprise-grade access points are reasonably priced, beautifully designed, and extremely well made. What’s not to love?

Well, there is one thing: Ubiquiti’s “one-size-fits-all” system lacks many of the features needed to be a complete multi-SSID solution—which is so important in your school’s BYOD environment. (Note: If you use non-Ubiquiti APs, go here.)

However, when you host Ubiquiti controller software on SecureSchool’s WirelessTrakker Universal Wireless Support and use Ubiquiti UniFi APs (must be purchased separately), you’ve got yourself one potent and versatile system.

Features include:

Our pretty diagram illustrates how you can build a low-cost, full-featured wireless solution.

Why You’ll Love Our WirelessTrakker + Ubiquiti Solution

Ubiquiti UniFi access points give you outstanding range at disruptive pricing.
Launched November 2015, their new AP AC line starts at around $100 and delivers 5X the performance of first-generation UniFi access points.

Here are our recommendations, based on price and performance:
UniFi AP AC Lite

  • Sleek, compact 802.11ac with dual-radio 2x2 MIMO technology
  • Use to deploy high-performance wireless networks
  • Single packs include PoE injectors


  • The latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac with dual-radio 3x3 MIMO technology
  • For deployment of maximum-performance wireless networks
  • Single packs include PoE injectors

Note: We have Ubiquiti UniFi APs available for purchase. Check our rate calculator for prices.

Sleek interface and intuitive web-based controls — For easy cloud-based management from anywhere you have Internet access.

Up to four wireless networks (SSIDs) — Assign different levels of access to staff, students, guests, and anyone else.

Unlimited access points per controller — Start with one, expand to thousands, creating the wireless network that fits your needs.

User security your way — Supports 802.11ac encryption standards, including WEP, WPA/WPA2 (pre-shared key [PSK]), and WPA/WPA2 enterprise.

Enterprise user validation — Allows for authentication using integrated RADIUS against LDAP, active directory, internal authorization, or SecureSchool (or other Internet filter) database.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality—or for non-PoE switches, PoE injector—for use with our wireless-controller system — eliminates the need for power outlets and electrical wires at the access-point site.

Convenience and flexibility — Every UniFi AP comes with two network jacks, so you can connect one AP to another (and power both with just one PoE injector).

Detailed reports — manage traffic, bandwidth, and access points and view info like:

  • Number of clients connected at a given time and on which SSID
  • User IP addresses
  • Types of devices
  • Amount of traffic pushing through
  • Signal strength
  • AP locations and activity

Automatic configuration backup and updates

A little DIY, a lot of savings — We preconfigure your appliance with your network specs before shipping it; installation is so easy, you can do it yourself

Free service upgrades, free unlimited tech support, and free controller upgrades, maintenance, and replacements

Free 30-day trial! Just fill out this quickie form and we’ll set you up (you need at least one UniFi AP to get started)

Shopping for a wireless-network manager? Don’t buy without consulting our downloadable checklist.

If you prefer a standalone appliance for your wireless-support solution, then our WirelessTrakker device might be just the ticket. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Drop us a note now or call 877-225-0100.

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