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The TrakMail Service Icon - Symbolic of carefully filtered and monitored E-mail TrakMail is an easy-to-use, portable, fully-featured, protected, CIPA Compliant E-mail system for library employees. It is web-based and requires no software installation on your servers or workstations - all you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

TrakMail gives users individual E-mail accounts while allowing you to manage incoming/outgoing E-mail message based on any combination of the following settings: Inappropriate Language (Customizable list of over 4,000 words & phrases in 16 categories) All Attachments (Global of by Group) Executable Attachments Specified Attachment Types (Global or by Group) In-Line Images Blocked Domain Allowed Domain, SPAM Score, as well as a Moderate ALL incoming/outgoing E-mail option.

Using TrakMail provides a way for Libraries to create an environment for employees to send and receive email without having to worry about service misuse.
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  • TrakMail Service Features
    E-mail Moderation
    You can allow staff members to have their own e-mail but not allow them to send e-mail with questionable content. Designated moderators can review all e-mails incoming & outgoing or just those blocked as per our customizable moderation settings (i.e. bad words, attachments, proprietary information, etc.)

    Language Filtering
    Manage incoming and outgoing E-mail messages containing inappropriate language. You can choose to moderate or automatically delete e-mail messages flagged for inappropriate language.

    Review All E-mail Messages
    Moderate all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.

    E-mail Messages Containing Attachments.
    Manage incoming and outgoing E-mail messages containing attachments. You can choose to allow, moderate or automatically delete all attachments or customize your settings further by file extensions.

    E-mail Messages Containing In-line Images
    Manage incoming and outgoing E-mail messages containing in-line images. You can choose to allow, moderate or automatically delete e-mail messages containing in-line images.

    Automatically Block Executable Attachments
    You can choose to have all attachments with recognizable executable extensions automatically blocked, to prevent the spread of viruses and trojan programs.

    Individual Mail Blocking Preferences
    TrakMail users can choose to block E-mail from a list of addresses that they manage.

    Mail Logging
    Maintain a log of all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.

    Automatic Message Recovery
    Never again lose a message due to Internet malfunctions or other lost connections.

    Use your own domain name
    After the 30-day trial period, you can choose optional registration of your own domain name, providing E-mail addresses for all your users such as Alternately you can choose to use one of our domains ending in

    Get your e-mail from anywhere. With TrakMail, users can log onto the e-mail service website from anywhere to send & receive mail.

    Nothing to take up valuable hard disk space. Since TrakMail is accessed over the Internet, there's nothing to take up space on your computers.

    Create personal folders to organize your mail, create a signature file to personalize each email you send, and change the colors of TrakMail to reflect the real you!
    Customizable Organization-wide SPAM Filtering
    Filter out those annoying e-mails before they ever get to your mailbox. You can limit receiving email to just your organization, and only allow specific e-mail addresses to be received, too!

    Virus Scanning.
    Never fear...Virus scanner automatically checks each incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses. Incoming e-mail messages are even scanned for viruses TWICE: before delivery and again at the time of download.

    Customizable News
    Post your own news and announcements.

    File Storage and Sharing
    TrakMail users can store files in a personal, easily-organized file storage area, and/or share files with other service users.

    Time Restrictions
    You can restrict when TrakMail users can access their email accounts, and also restrict when they can send email to each other.

    Global Event Calendar
    Set events and appointments that can be seen by your whole organization.

    Personal Calendar
    Keep track of appointments and other important dates.

    TrakMail User Address Book.
    Makes e-mailing co-workers and other TrakMail Users a snap.

    Personal Address Book.
    Allows each TrakMail user to create his/her own address book as well as personal distribution groups. Add family and friends.

    Mail Notification
    Optional audio and visual pop up cues let TrakMail users know when new mail has arrived.

    Signature. TrakMail users can improve the professionalism of their e-mails and reduce repetitive typing with their own personalized "signature" that they can create.

    Spell Checker.
    TrakMail has a built-in spell checker with an over 110,000 word vocabulary.

    Custom Column Views
    TrakMail users can customize their E-mail list display, showing only columns of data that they want to see. You can also sort on these columns.

    E-mail Search
    TrakMail users can search in the Subject, Body, or the From or To Address fields of your email, and save the results of your most recent search.

    E-mail Short-Cuts
    TrakMail users can save time by entering just the first few letters of an E-mail address in your address book and the e-mail service will bring up a list of selections to choose from.

    TrakMail Advantages over Traditional E-mail
    TrakMail is a web-based email service designed to meet the needs of library administrators who want to provide e-mail to staff and users and retain control of its content. It has many advantages over other on-line and traditional E-mail systems.

    With other online services, you can not block what users are sending. Pornography, a threat to the President or another user? Yikes! It's a library's worst nightmare. Yet libraries are under tremendous pressure to provide internet access for their communities.
    With a traditional email service for a library, you can block for content but library technicians have to maintain the e-mail software, computers, accounts and security.

    TrakMail brings together the best of both worlds. The blocking capabilities of a traditional e-mail system and the ease of an on-line service.
    TrakMail can be accessed on any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. Simple & easy, with nothing to maintain or install.
    Users access TrakMail with an encrypted password, and read, organize and delete their mail with a simple web interface. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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