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Home-to-School VPN (SecureSchool Add-On)

Our secure VPN lets users access your school’s network from home

Wouldn’t it be great if teachers, students, and administrators—or anyone you choose—could securely access your school’s network from home? They’d have the freedom and flexibility to work remotely with all your school’s resources at their fingertips.

Now they can with our SecureSchool add-on: the home-to-school online VPN (virtual private network). (Looking for a school-to-school VPN option? We’ve got that here.)

Special Features

  • Super safe, secure VPNsecure socket layer (SSL) transport encrypts all data and blocks unauthorized access
  • Easy setup — works with all home routers and, unlike many IPSec- and PPTP-based VPNs, our VPN service requires no special settings
  • Download and go — all you need for a VPN connection is a piece of software running on your home computer, which is instantly downloadable from the SecureSchool appliance
  • Advanced control options — administrators can selectively authorize traffic to approved users and control access to network resources
  • Equal-opportunity VPN — supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10; plus, Apple OSX, iPhone, and iPad
  • 32- and 64-bit OS support
  • Affordably priced — ideal for budgets of all sizes (find your rate here)
  • Free software updates and upgrades
  • A+ tech support — we’re super responsive (and really nice); and our support is unlimited and free!

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