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Since 1999, we've helped hundreds of libraries with Staff & Student E-mail, Internet Filtering, Wireless and Wired Network Management, SPAM Filtering, Teacher Web Pages, Trouble Tracking/Reporting, Inventory Tracking, & more!

"I have found K12USA’s service to be unique. That is because K12USA really does provide great service. When you call, they answer. The person who answers is knowledgeable and takes care of you right away. I have nothing but good things to say about K12USA and recommend them highly."
Ted Eiferman
Paulsboro Public Schools Paulsboro, NJ

WirelessTrakker - Staff, Student and Guest Wireless Network ManagementWirelessTrakker
WirelessTrakker for Ubiquiti controller software and APs – Our E-Rate-eligible* standalone device hosts the controller software for Ubiquiti’s popular UniFi access points and provides the missing elements needed for a complete multi-SSID solution. Features include inter-VLAN routing, DHCP for each VLAN, DNS for VLANs, multicast DNS (Bonjour), RADIUS for enterprise authentication, and VLAN firewalls. Click here to learn More

WirelessTrakker for non-Ubiquiti APs – Our E-Rate-eligible* standalone device supports a wide variety of wireless systems, providing the missing elements needed for a complete multi-SSID solution. It includes inter-VLAN routing, DHCP for each VLAN, DNS for VLANs, multicast DNS (Bonjour), RADIUS for enterprise authentication, and VLAN firewalls. Click here to learn More

MessageGuard - Secure, Reliable E-Mail ArchivingMessageGuard
MessageGuard - Secure, Reliable E-Mail Archiving

Email archiving is in high demand and organizations are asked to keep record of all sent and received email messages due to ever changing local, state and federal compliance guidelines. MessageGuard is a complete and affordable email archiving solution, enabling you to maintain all of your organization’s emails in order meet your regulatory compliance needs. Click here to learn more.

TrakMail - Filtered and Monitored E-mailTrakMail
Web-Based CIPA Compliant Student E-Mail
Use TrakMail to give students CIPA compliant individual E-mail accounts.

"Just today I requested an import of some 1500 students into the SchoolBits program and it was complete in a matter of 30 Minutes. Keep Up the Great Service!"
Robert DiAmbrosio, District Information Systems Coordinator
Hackensack School District, Hackensack, NJ

TroubleTrakkerPRO - Fixing technology problems in a flash!TroubleTrakkerPRO
Tracking & Reporting of Technology Problems

Use TroubleTrakkerPRO to establish work flow systems that track the reporting and repair of technology problems from start to finish, including time spent working, location of assets, and use of materials, and/or WorkTrakkerPRO to organize, document and schedule maintenance of your entire organization - from expensive critical systems to the least important wingnut.

"As a manager, I now am able to get a better handle on the requested work orders. We have been extremely pleased with both TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker."
Robert Hopper, Director of Technology
Tri-Creek School Corporation

WebMailPRO - Simple and Practical Internet E-mailWebMailPRO
Web-Based Staff E-Mail

Use WebMailPRO and the Teacher Web Pages feature to give your staff and administrators e-mail accounts and web publishing tools that are simple and practical to set up, maintain, & use.

"Our teachers are well pleased with WebMailPro. As you are aware, a number of our teachers have stopped forwarding their email elsewhere because they prefer to use the WebMailPRO product."
Barry Zakes, System Specialist
Ridgeland School District 122, Oak Lawn, IL

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"We have not had a virus in our network since leaving Exchange server and switching to K12USA 3 years ago. We love the WorkTrakkerPRO and TroubleTrakkerPRO, as well as WebmailPRO."
Stuart A. Hensley, District Technology Coordinator
Joseph City School District

LibraryDoor - Content Filtering, Blocking and Network ManagementWhy Pay More?
Cut Filtering Costs Now with LibraryDoor

With schools and libraries across the country facing budget shortfalls and cutbacks, something's got to give. How about ditching that expensive filtering software you're using now and subscribe to LibraryDoor - Content Filtering, Firewall and Network Monitoring that works better, costs less, and comes with tech support people rave about! Check out some Sample Rates and see how much your library can save!

"I just want to take a minute and thank you all for such a great product as SecureSchool. The more I use it the more I think that this product is ... well ... a "godsend to public schools." It works very well and the right price. The price is part and parcel of what makes this product superior."
Lee Buller, Director of Technology
Goessel USD 411, Goessel, KS

LibraryDoor - Content Filtering, Blocking and Network ManagementLibraryDoor
CIPA Compliant Internet Filtering Appliance

Protecting your students and staff from the "bad stuff" on the Internet is not only a requirement under the E-Rate program BUT, more importantly, is a very GOOD idea. LibraryDoor provides easy-to-use, web-based controls which allow you to block/unblock URL's and/or phrases immediately via the Internet. Anytime, anyplace. No need to wait days/weeks/months to hear back from some company respresentative as to whether they "approved" your request. Click here to learn more.

"We purchased it [SecureSchool] for our school district and believe me when I say 'it has made my job much easier'. SecureSchool and K12USA are definitely top notch."
Eric Keiper, Network Specialist/Email Administrator
Easton Area School District Easton, PA

NetworkTrakker - Network Monitoring Service

Networks in schools and businesses grow constantly, and asked to do more and more every day. Every time a new server is installed to perform a new task, that’s one more thing for the network administrator to watch over and keep functional. NetworkTrakker is an add-on product to SecureSchool which will help minimize these downtimes and keep the network administrator informed about what is happening on the network. Click here to learn more.

Spamtrakker - Effective E-Mail Spam FilteringSPAMTrakker
Anti-Spam Appliance

Unfortunately, spammers have not been deterred by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act). In fact, recent studies estimate that 91% of e-mail messages sent worldwide per day will be SPAM. Our latest service, SpamTrakker, gives you the ability to fight back against spammers. Eliminate your district's spam before it even hits your mail server. Click here to learn more.

"I was initially hesitant to give up my existing method of managing mail filtering and spam, but after several months of using SpamTrakker I can truthfully say it is doing an outstanding job."
Ron Deal, Technology Coordinator/Consultant
Burlington County Special Services, Mount Holly, NJ

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TrakMail - Web-Based CIPA Compliant Student E-Mail

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