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Our cloud-based work order software is not just a remote helpdesk—it will save you time, money, and maybe even your sanity

Tired of sifting through sticky notes (i.e., “work orders”), updating spreadsheets, losing track of projects, and fielding colleagues’ maintenance requests in the lunchroom?

Then subscribe to WorkTrakkerPRO. It takes just seconds to launch, and in no time flat, our simple help desk software will change your life.

Created especially for K-12 schools, this work-order tracking system has all the features you need to automate your manual processes. Now you can report, track, and manage every request with a few clicks—plus, proactively schedule preventive-maintenance tasks, so nothing slips through the cracks.

All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

It’s this easy:

  • Designated staff log on to report a problem
  • The administrator assigns the job to a maintenance-team member
  • The maintenance worker updates the user and administrator with a status/completion report

Best of all, you get an instant snapshot of where your work orders stand and who’s fixing what. No one pesters you in the hallway, you don’t have to badger maintenance personnel, requests don’t disappear, and everyone’s happy!

WorkTrakkerPRO can do even more:

Management Features

  • Creates a historical record of maintenance problems with detailed reports of each project’s status
  • Tracks inventory and parts used for repairing equipment
  • Schedules tasks to begin on a certain date, occur on set intervals, and/or run for a designated number of occurrences
  • Prioritizes urgency of work orders
  • Sets deadlines for ticket resolution
  • Generates automatic emails when tickets are overdue
  • Assigns tickets to maintenance personnel based on their workload
  • Integrates with AssetTrakker (available free with your WorkTrakkerPRO subscription) to view repair histories and equipment warranty info
  • Customizable interface — lets you add your school logo and colors, set your own user groups, and much more

Reporting Features

  • Generates custom reports that can be retrieved at any time
  • Automatically issues status reports for each maintenance worker — you get an instant glimpse of overdue reports
  • Sophisticated sorting options for ticket views — allows you to sort by project status, building, etc.
  • Printable tickets — choose one ticket per page or no page breaks
  • Customizes single-line work-order reports — gives you quick access to work orders via hyperlink


The Amazing Benefits of K12USA

  • Fair rates — our prices are nearly untouchable; find your WorkTrakkerPRO subscription fee here
  • Free and automatic software upgrades
  • Free, unlimited tech support — we answer phones and resolve issues quickly
  • Discounts for multi-year, multi-service customers (many WorkTrakkerPRO customers also subscribe to our online IT trouble ticket system, TroubleTrakkerPRO)

Test-drive WorkTrakkerPRO free for 30 days! Fill out this quickie form, and you’ll be up-and-running in no time.

Want to have a look at the interface? Our click-through screenshots take you through the WorkTrakkerPRO process.

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Bonus! Every WorkTrakkerPRO subscriber receives a free subscription to AssetTrakker, our cloud-based inventory-management tool.

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