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WorkTrakkerPRO Service Feature Demos
WorkTrakkerPRO - Fixing maintenance problems in a flash!The WorkTrakkerPRO service organizes, documents and schedules maintenance for your entire organization - from expensive critical systems to the least important wingnut.
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Everyday Uses
1.   Report a maintenance problem, identifying the problem item and its location.
2.   Automatically notify the designated service administrator of the problem.
3.   Assign problems to individual maintenance personnel or outside vendors.
4.   Allow maintenance personnel to report all work performed and whether the problem has been solved.
5.   Automatically notify the person who reported the problem of each step in this process.
Management Features
1.   Create a historical record of maintenance problems, and instantly produce detailed reports of the status of all reported problems.
2.   Track inventory and parts used for repairing equipment.
3.   Schedule tasks to begin on a certain date, occur on set intervals and/or run for a set number of occurrences.
4.   Create your own custom priority levels for trouble tickets.
5.   Set deadlines for tickets to be solved and generate automatic e-mails to maintenance personnel when a ticket is overdue.
6.   Balance work, assigning tickets to maintenance personnel based on current workload.
7.   Integrate the service with AssetTrakker to see repair histories and warranty information for equipment.
8.   Customize almost every aspect of the web interface, from adding your logo and company colors, to setting up your own user groups to determine who can use what parts of the service.
Report Features
1.   Create custom reports and save for later retrieval.
2.   Automatically create status reports for individual maintenance personnel. See at a glance which tickets are overdue.
3.   Use advanced sorting options for ticket views - sort first by status, then by building, for example.
4.   Print tickets two ways - one ticket per page, or no page breaks.
5.   Customize single line trouble ticket reports, allowing quick access to tickets via hyperlink to display further information.
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