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WebMailPRO Service Feature Demos
WebMailPRO - Simple and Practical Internet E-mailThe WebMailPRO service gives staff and administrators E-mail accounts that are simple and practical to set up, maintain, and use.

Please note: We add and improve features to WebMailPRO so frequently that we cannot keep up with updating the Demo images. The best way to experience WebMailPRO today is to sign up for a Free Full-access Unlimited Use 30 Day Trial!
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•  Get your e-mail from anywhere. Users can log onto the service from anywhere to send & receive mail.
•  Nothing to take up valuable hard disk space. Since WebMailPRO is accessed over the Internet, there's nothing to take up space on your computers.
•  Easy to organize. You can set up as many folders as you need to keep your email organized.
•  Virus Scanning. Never fear...Virus scanner automatically checks each incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses.
•  District Address Book. Makes e-mailing co-workers a snap.
•  Personal Address Book. Allows each user to create his/her own address book as well as personal distribution groups. Add your family and friends.
•  HTML email composition. IE users can compose email in HTML format, changing font sizes, colors, even paste in HTML from web pages!
•  Attachments. Safely handles incoming and outgoing attachments.
•  Signature. Improve the professionalism of your e-mails and reduce repetitive typing with your own personalized "signature" you create.
•  Customizable SPAM Filtering - Filter out those annoying e-mails before they ever get to your mailbox.
•  Rules Wizard - Create & customize your own e-mail rules to process and move e-mails to specific folders.
•  Mail Notification - Optional audio and visual pop up cues let you know when new mail has arrived.
•  Personal Calendar - Keep track of appointments and other important dates.
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