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What? Never heard of us? That’s OK (sigh)—you’re not the only one. We keep a low profile (more on that shortly), and we do things a little differently. But we’ve been around since 1999, and we’ve supplied thousands of schools with their web-based, CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act)-compliant tools, like:

Our site may scream “Retro!”—but don’t let appearances fool you. Our powerful, web-based solutions for K-12 schools are comparable to those of our bigger-named competitors, and our prices are nearly untouchable.

What our customers really love about us, though, is our tech support. Of course, many people don’t value tech support until they need it. And when that dreaded day arrives—well, let’s just say it involves phone trees, long waits, muzak, and eventually a human who may or may not help you.

We’re different. Call us, and you get a live person—a really nice, smart person who can almost always resolve your issue on the spot. And did we mention free and unlimited tech support?

Your tech support has been the best of any tech company I’ve ever dealt with—I give it an A+.
John Montgomery, Technology Specialist, Wethersfield School District, IL

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Tired of your current systems? Do you want better products at better prices with better service?

Then here’s the deal: If you can get past our “looks,” we can promise you all this:

  • Dependable, aggravation-free products simple setups and easy-to-navigate interfaces
  • Economical pricing perfect for budgets of all sizes
  • Free equipment upgrades and software updates
  • Hardware warranties
  • Probably the best tech support you’ll ever find free and unlimited!
  • Discounts for qualifying multi-year and/or multi-service customers
  • Minimal bother we don’t flood you with promotional emails and only contact you when there’s an important update or upgrade

Our customers say we’re “the best bang for the buck.” Isn’t it time you made the switch? Email us now to get started or call 877-225-0100. Have questions? See if we’ve answered yours below, or contact us to ask away.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never heard of you. Who are you? Where are you?
Why do you fly under the radar?
Do you even have an office?
What’s with the vintage website?
Are you reliable? I’ve had bad experiences with small, fly-by-night companies.

I’ve never heard of you. Who are you? Where are you?
K12USA is a division of Networks & More!, a privately held educational-technology consulting company based in New Jersey. We’ve been working with school districts and libraries since 1991.

We unveiled K12USA’s web-based services in 1999, and now our products are in schools throughout the country. We work exclusively with K-12 schools—not with businesses, not with homeowners, not with colleges or universities—just K-12 schools. That means we’re incredibly focused on—and responsive to—your needs. We know your pain points (E-Rate! CIPA! Budgets! BYOD! Hackers!), and we have some of the best solutions in the industry with our line of excellent products and mind-blowing tech support.

In 30 years of doing computer support, I’ve found that K12USA has the best support staff I’ve ever worked with!
Bill Diehl, Coordinator of Network and Hardware Support, Gloucester County Public Schools, VA

Why do you fly under the radar?
We simply can’t justify spending big bucks on marketing and promotion if it means raising our prices—which we haven’t done in ten years—or nickel-and-diming our customers for stuff like upgrades and maintenance plans (which, in reality, can cost thousands).

Instead, we devote our resources to research, development, and a strong tech-support team. We also rely heavily on referrals from our customers, who are prone to sing our praises. (Check out our new Referral Rewards Program!) For a small company that flies “under the radar,” we’ve compiled a pretty impressive roster of clients. We hope you’ll join them!

And now a question for you: How did you find us? We’d love to know.

At a time when customer support seems to be increasingly neglected, K12USA rocks it. Oh and their price is fantastic as well. It’s a slam-dunk.
Jeff Walker, Tech Guy, Saint Mark’s Lutheran School, Hacienda Heights, CA

Do you even have an office?
Not only do we have an office, but we’re not stuck in a strip mall or corporate office park somewhere. We work out of a beautiful historic home in a charming town on the Toms River. From our deck, we can watch sailboats, kayaks, and wildlife float by, or we might walk a few blocks to the little corner deli for homemade muffins.

Otherwise, we have the same stuff as every other office: desks, phones, computers, a lifetime supply of coffee, and cases of walnuts. Oh, and we get free lunch every day, which Sarah (a talented chef and the owner’s wife), lovingly prepares for the staff. Just like at Google—but without the lovingly part.

Your products are great, but your support staff is what truly sets your company apart from the others. I have never had better support with any other technology company.
Stacy Wren, Network Administrator, Region IX Education Cooperative, Capitan Municipal School District, NM

What’s with the vintage website?
We know it’s not hip, but our customers actually like our circa-1999 site. They say it’s extremely easy to navigate, and everything they need is visible and clickable—no hunting around, no confusing drop-down menus. Here are some of the unique features they tell us they love:

As mentioned earlier, we’d rather give our clients fair prices than dazzle them with fancy marketing pieces. That said, we are planning for a new—but still simple and user-friendly—website.

R.I.P. 1999 website? Share your condolences (or applause) here.

Whenever I call, I’m astounded that I speak immediately with an engineer who knows exactly how to resolve my issue—then takes the time to suggest other changes and makes sure my overall setup looks good. Absolutely the best tech support ever."
Dale Van Voorst, Van Voorst Consulting LLC

Are you reliable? I’ve had bad experiences with small, fly-by-night companies.
Compared to the Ciscos and Barracudas of the world, we’re small. But we’ve been on the scene since 1999, and we offer something the behemoths can’t: reasonable prices, practically on-demand (and free) tech support, and lots of flexibility. We’ve been known to tinker with products to accommodate customers’ needs—in fact, many of our product upgrades are the result of customer input. We listen and respond. Think you’ll get that from Dell?

We have a loyal staff, and many team members have been with us for years. We do things right: Every employee gets excellent benefits, like health insurance, 401K, and vacation time. Then there’s free lunch every day and a beautiful workspace.

Want to work here, too? Let us know.

Ready to get your cool school tools from one of the most trustworthy and down-to-earth companies in the K-12 IT universe? Email or call today (877-225-0100). We’ll answer all your questions and get you started.

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