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School-to-School VPN (SecureSchool Add-On)

Our secure VPN seamlessly unites the networks of two schools

If you have a partner school (or several), wouldn’t it be convenient if your entire network and theirs could be safely united—without the expense of buying a dedicated link?

Problem solved with our secure school-to-school VPN service. This virtual private network integrates two or more networks via Internet connection and a SecureSchool appliance at each location. You get all the benefits of a unified network at minimal cost.

Users simply log on to the network as usual, but now they have all the resources of the connected schools at their fingertips.

Special Features

  • Secure socket layer (SSL) transport — encrypts all data and blocks unauthorized access for a super-safe, secure VPN experience
  • No-brainer setup — just let us know you want a VPN connection, and we’ll activate the service in your SecureSchool boxes (note: there must be a SecureSchool appliance at each location)
  • Advanced control options — selectively authorize traffic to approved users and control access to network resources, such as such as intranet sites, mapped network drives, applications, and more
  • Hassle free — zero client software or hardware is required
  • Economically priced — perfect for budgets of all sizes (check your rate here)
  • Free, automatic software updates and upgrades
  • Unbeatable tech support — our customers say we’re the best in the business—and it’s free and unlimited!

Take the school-to-school VPN for a free, no-obligation 30-day spin. Contact us today to get started.

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