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Our E-rate-eligible web-cache server speeds up Internet connections for your students and staff

If you suffer from bandwidth overload, slow load times, or the need to add more users (without burdening your network), you’ll love CacheTrakker.

Our easy-to-use cache server is the perfect solution for today’s K-12 school networks, which are often:

  • Strained by the demands of 1:1/BYOD
  • Taxed by bandwidth-hogging content
  • Restricted by tight budgets (buying bandwidth is expensive)

The CacheTrakker web-cache appliance is easy to install, E-rate eligible*, and delivers a superior web experience—while giving you total control over Internet usage.

It works by saving HTTP web pages and other Internet content on your LAN. That means fetching less data from the web and preserving your bandwidth.

Top features:

  • Frees up to 40% of bandwidth — giving users faster load times
  • Uses Squid as its web cache engine — the industry-standard, open-source caching web server
  • Intuitive user interface — a snap to configure and manage from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser
  • Maximum security — built-in firewall ensures your network is secure
  • Economical — affordably priced subscription is ideal for budgets of all sizes; plus, E-rate* eligibility makes CacheTrakker a steal
  • Easy setup — no-brainer DIY installation (and we’re a phone call away if you need help)
  • Free, unlimited tech support — we’re super-responsive and really nice
  • Free equipment upgrades, free software updates, and free backups

Ready to liberate your bandwidth—and eliminate the frustration of a sluggish Internet connection? Get CacheTrakker web cache now (rates are listed here). Just call us to fire up your subscription at 877-225-0100 or shoot us an email.

*We believe our statements about E-rate eligibility are accurate based on our reading of the new FCC guidelines. Actual eligibility is not guaranteed and will be determined by the USAC and/or FCC after applications are submitted. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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