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SpamTrakker Spare Appliance

Blackout, brownouts, power outages, and other unforeseeable events can damage your tech appliances, disrupting "business as usual." And if your SpamTrakker device is undermined, you're left high and dry without a spam filter until it can be repaired or replaced. That's downtime you and your school really can't afford—and a headache you just don't need.

The perfect solution? Keeping a spare SpamTrakker appliance on hand. We preconfigure it with your settings, so—when the need arises and your original equipment fails—you just connect the spare, we perform a brief update, and you're ready to go. Because we back up your SpamTrakker device nightly, all your settings, customizations, etc. will be exactly as they were. No aggravation, no waiting period, no grumbling staff and students.

Wait, there's more. Return your damaged appliance to us, and we'll fix it and ship it back to you as your new spare. We cover all expenses, and you're never without a backup.

It's like buying cheap (but really great) insurance. For an affordable fee, you're assured nearly uninterrupted service and zero hassle.

You'd never drive without a spare tire. Don't get stranded without a backup SpamTrakker Internet-filtering appliance. Find your rate on our fee calculator, then email us or call 877-225-0100 to order your spare today. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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