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AccessTrakker Two-Step Authentication Service
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Two-factor authentication gives you an added layer of security—and peace of mind

Is your “secure” system really secure? With all the password-protected devices, software, and cloud-based tools in schools today, you can’t take chances. Password cracking and attacks on databases are scarily common.

Defend yourself with AccessTrakker, the two-factor authentication (2FA) device that’s effective, easy to use, and convenient.

We take the industry’s must trusted multi-factor authentication tool—the Yubikey—and configure it for your K12USA appliance: SecureSchool Internet filter, WirelessTrakker wireless-network management solution, MessageGuard email archiving device, or SpamTrakker email filter.

The two-step verification process is simple: Connect AccessTrakker to your appliance’s USB port (or to your computer’s port if you’re logging in remotely) and input your username and password.

AccessTrakker verifies you as a user and logs you in. It’s small enough to slip on a keychain, making it portable, practical, and always accessible.

AccessTrakker comes bundled free with MessageGuard and is available for a nominal subscription fee with our other appliances.

It’s fully warrantied and supported by K12USA for the length of your subscription and includes free, unlimited tech support.

Safeguard access to your data and applications with AccessTrakker. Contact us now or call 877-225-0100, and we’ll set you up promptly. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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