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Our Obsession is You
We could talk about our well-built, easy-to-use products or our untouchable prices. But what really matters to you is that—on the inevitable day when your tech stuff goes haywire and you’re sweating bullets and your boss is breathing down your neck—you have someone who can help. Now.
Since day one of 1999, we’ve put you, the customer, on a pedestal. You’re our priority. Neither robots nor people in far-off lands answer our phones—we do. Our engineers are super nice and, well, pretty brilliant, and they (almost always) resolve issues on the spot. Icing on the cake? Our support is free and unlimited. So are software updates and equipment upgrades. We jump through hoops to earn your trust and make you happy.
Want proof? (We don’t blame you. Everyone claims they’ve got “great customer service.”) Here you go—straight from our customers’ mouths.
Our Company
LibraryLine.com is a division of Networks & More! Inc., a privately-held educational technology consulting company founded in 1991 and based in New Jersey.
Until 1999, our technical services - network setup, management and consulting - could only be provided on a regional, primarily on-site basis. But with the dramatic growth of the Internet and the increasing number of Internet connections, we saw a way to provide an entirely new set of services to help the staffs of libraries to communicate with more efficiency.
Our Mission
The mission of LibraryLine.com is to provide web based communication services to libraries, enabling them to handle everyday tasks better and faster, without having to purchase additional hardware and software, and without having to further overload their technical staffs.
LibraryLine.com puts the web to work for you.

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