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Comparing POP3 Client Access with our Web-Based WebMailPro Access
WebMailPRO - Simple and Practical Internet E-mail The decision to use a POP3 or web based e-mail client depends on an individual's needs. While we believe that using a Web-Based e-mail system is far more convenient for today's user, there are some instances where our customers have requested POP3 access. The table below describes some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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POP3 Client WebMailPro Web Access
  • Copies all messages to your local machine every time a connection is made to the server. If the connection goes down while you're working, you will still be able to view your messages.
  • Provides the ability to use e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
  • Gives you the ability to access your e-mail anytime, anywhere, from any computer with just an internet connection and a working browser.
  • User can utilize many computers without compromising ability to see all messages.
  • Nothing to take up valuable disk space.
  • Built in virus protection.
  • District and personal calendar.
  • District and personal address book.
  • Since users frequently download messages each time they connect to the POP3 client, the messages will only reside on the computer used for downloading. This can result in messages residing on a computer you no longer have access to and you may not be able to access all your messages when needed.
  • No district address book or district calendar feature.
  • With a Web based e-mail client, you must access your messages via the Internet. If your connection is inoperable, you will not be able to read your messages.
  • You cannot use e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
Note: While it is possible to use both WebMailPro AND a POP3 client simultaneously, we advise against this practice. Your E-mail will only be delivered to the current mailbox (WebMailPRO or POP3) and will not be accessible by the other service. This will result in a user's e-mail split amongst two e-mail clients. ©1999-2021  Networks & More! Inc.
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