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LibraryDoor - Web Site Filtering
Web Site Filtering - Block web sites based on addresses or allow access to a pre-approved list of sites. You can use a blacklist of sites which is updated automatically each night, or create your own list.
These screens from the web interface to your LibraryDoor service demonstrate the different ways you can control web site access.
This screen shows you the Filter Setup, which lets you choose the basic methods of web site control.
This screen shows you the Banned Sites configuration, which lets you choose from several pre-defined lists of web sites with objectionable content. These lists are maintained by us, and are updated frequently, because new objectionable web sites are created constantly on the internet!
This screen shows you how you can easily block sites yourself. Students spending library time playing on-line games? Staff wasting half the day on auction sites or managing their stock portfolios on library time? Put the site on this list, and never worry about such problems again. You can even blocks certain URLs on sites that otherwise contain useful information.
LibraryDoor - Content Filtering, Blocking and Network Management
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